Bilingual Editorial Director

Bilingual Editorial Director: The Editorial Director's primary role will be that of chief architect of product development strategy, chief designer of educationally sound products, and manager of a weekly newspaper. The Editorial Director will also be responsible for the development and update of a semiannual editorial strategy statement for New Readers Press. This document will outline future product and sales strategies as well as revenue projections. The Editorial Director will conduct and coordinate all market research for existing and new product development, including active participation in the educational publishing arena. The Director will bring business and negotiation skills to bear as manager of the department and serve as chief negotiator with authors and development houses. Strong knowledge of the publishing industry will be necessary as the Director will be responsible for keeping all editorial projects on time and within budget, monitoring work done in development houses and working closely with the Executive Team at New Readers Press. New Readers Press presents a very complex publishing environment. The Press is a for-profit operation and funds many of the Laubach Literacy Programs. A track record in educational publishing of bringing product from concept to release within budget, deadline and quality requirements would be highly desirable.   Please contact Jami Uretsky at (781)639-8998 or email [email protected] if interested.






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