The Technology Room

Tech Room coordinator: Ana Bishop


Purpose: To present and exhibit technology (software/hardware/communications) solutions that support and enhance the teaching of multiple languages in a bilingua/ESL environment. As last year, the NYSABE Tech Room will be hosted by Ana Bishop, who will manage the room logistics.

Please contact her for participation and presentation opportunities. Exhibitors who are already signed up through the Exhibits chair are welcome to participate in the room by dropping off materials for distribution. If you want a larger presence in the room, or need to use internet connections, an additional fee of $200 is requested, payable to NYSABE.

Other technology vendors are invited to provide hardware and/or software for room visitors to experience technology first hand. We will be doing a series of hands-on workshops in the room as well as having the room available during all convention hours for anyone to visit and test out software, the internet, Web and other technology solutions. If a sponsor wants to fund or run the network connection to the Internet for the Tech Room, that sponsor will have full room priviledges including banners, table, materials and mention of the sponsorship in program and all tech room events.

Participation in the room as a sponsor involves one or more of the following:
1. Choosing to move your exhibit from the exhibit hall to the tech room (no charge, your labor only) If you have not signed up for the exhibit hall and prefer this choice, please contact Ivette Mattias at
2. Expanding your presence at the convention by having an additional table at the tech
room ($200 addition to exhibit cost)
3. Donating equipment for use in the room. Choices:

  • PCs or Macs for hands-on and network use
  • Network server
  • Networking cables and cards
  • TV/VCR
  • Cameras,.printers, peripherals
  • LCD panels, data projectors, screens, whiteboards

4. Donating services, like:

  • ISP access to Web (for network)
  • Network services (systems engineer)
  • Phone services (ADSL, ISDN, satellite downlinks)

5. Funding. For a fee of $250, you will be assigned a space to exhibit your technology (limited to one space) and do hands on one-on-one presentations during open hours (not full-scale presentations)




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