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Pain or pressure in anal region.

Pain or pressure in anal region. For instance, cotton balls soaked in witch hazel, a moist wash cloth, or moist towelettes can be used.

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While everyone experiences occasional bouts of constipation, chronic constipation can be uncomfortable and may be due to another gastrointestinal condition.

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There are two types of hemorrhoids:

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A bidet is useful for this purpose.

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For those of us who lack this plumbing, another means of washing must be found.

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Healthy skin everywhere needs air.

Sometimes, a person may mistake rectal prolapse for hemorrhoids.

Avoid irritating soaps, especially those containing perfumes.

Sometimes, a fistula may require surgical treatment.

Increasing water intake, dietary fiber see table below and exercise are often effective remedies.

Healthy and Unhealthy Bowel Movements.