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Oral sex illegal in states.

Oral sex illegal in states. Since that time no further laws criminalizing homosexuality have been passed.

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Soviet legislation does not recognize so-called crimes against morality.

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Our laws proceed from the principle of protection of society and therefore countenance punishment only in those instances when juveniles and minors are the objects of homosexual interest

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The Chinese Supreme Court ruled in that voluntary sodomy was not a criminal act.

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However, in certain criminal cases, defendants were convicted of "sodomy" which includes oral sexapparently by way of plea bargains; they had originally been indicted for more serious sexual offenses.

At common law consent was not a defence [73] nor was the fact that the parties were married.

Three states specifically target their statutes at same-sex relations only:

InVirginia was the first colony to have written prohibition of sodomy, however it was repealed eight years after, and no other colony had written law against sodomy until Plymouth adopted one in

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A lesser offence of "attempted buggery" was punished by 2 years of jail and some time on the pillory.

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